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Our Team Works for You

Market at a Glance
  • 21 counties in service area
  • Representative industries: distribution, manufacturing, finance, agribusiness, tourism
  • Population in countries served – 1,530,600
  • Annual tourist dollars – $3,274M

We are a family business. We are hands-on. We treat all colleagues with respect. We work hard to gain and keep the trust of our suppliers, customers, and team members.

Our team works for suppliers.

  • We use state-of-the art technology, including remote Order Entry, robust reporting capabilities, and laptops for all sales representatives.
  • We run a 80,000 square foot warehouse. We have 12 delivery trucks and two display trucks. We run two shifts.
  • We foster and maintain a company culture that encourages longevity and loyalty so that you get to know us personally.

Some examples of longevity with the Company are:

  • Six of our sales reps have been with Athens for over 20 years.
  • Our merchandisers have both been active in the industry for 30+ years.  
  • Our sales secretary has 10 years on our team.
  • Our office manager has 26 years and the two purchasing staff members have over 10 years each at Athens.
  • We have five delivery team members who have served our customers for many years – 2 for over 30 years and 3 for more than 20 years each.

Our management team is just as dedicated. Our President has 46 years experience in the Wine and Spirits industry; and our COO has been here 30 years. Among the Sales Team managers, time with Athens is also impressive. The Spirits Managers have 42, 23, and 16 years with Athens respectively. We have two Wine Managers (24 years and 11 years) and three Restaurant Managers counting 33, 31 and 14 years with our company.We treat our company like a family because that is who we are.

Meet the Memphis Partners

The owner/managers of Athens are engaged in the Wine and Spirits business only.

Athens Distributing Company of Memphis Partners 


Meet the Sales Management Team

The 25-member Memphis Sales team is organized into four divisions: two Spirits divisions, two Wine divisions, and one Restaurant division. All divisions are organized and run by Sales Managers who work specifically within that division.

Athens Distributing Company of Memphis Sales Managers